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Voga by CDType.

Meet Voga. 
Voga is a condensed modern Didone typeface with three weights: Regular, medium and bold. My aim was to create a very elegant and “sexy” typeface with some unique letterforms based on the principle of contrast - curves vs. strong straight lines - thin hairlines vs. thick stems - ball terminals vs. geometric serifs. These caracteristics shape it into a glamourous display font primarily used for titles and large typography settings. Voga was inspired by iconic typefaces such as Bodoni and Didot. It has an extensive glyph set that supports languages for the Americas and most of Europe.

Download it here: http://myfonts.us/RVBzbh

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Criatipos    |    http://behance.net/Criatipos

"Cristina and Cyla painted a wall in Bushwick, Brooklyn, as a tribute to the great poet Paulo Leminski who would be 70 years old in August 2014. We are very grateful to our new friend Nev (No Entry Design), for all the support and contact with Livestream Public who gave us the opportunity to paint this mural at the corner of Morgan Ave & Stagg St."

Criatipos emerged alongside the professional career of designers Cris, Cyla, Doo and Jack as a means to escape from the digital realm and to bring back handmade processes, blending work and fun to communicate in a unique approach.

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(Source: behance.net)

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Fuck your cinder block side table. 


Fuck your cinder block side table. 

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73 Questions with Anna Wintour.

Congrats to joesabia, thatisawesome, and vincentpeone for making this happen! 

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